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Vacation in Northeast Florida and save money with Visit Jacksonville Special Packages, Rates, Free Events and Destination Deals. Experience an extraordinary vacation destination and have fun discovering 22 miles of beaches, tee off at 72 golf courses, explore 111,669 acres of parks and so much more! Plan your Escape to Jacksonville Today!


Jacksonville's beaches have not been affected by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Read more



Jacksonville was featured on Lifetime Television's The Balancing Act.  Watch it Now!

About Jacksonville

Unpretentious metropolitan style meets stunning natural beauty…Jacksonville captures the essence of a lifestyle and landscape reflecting the real Florida. Discover the heart of the city and endless stretches of pristine beaches, while exploring the region’s unique shopping, numerous dining options and warm Southern hospitality. With a moderate temperature year round, Jacksonville is home to numerous festivals, national and international sporting events, exceptional golf courses and world-class art and culture. Get to know Jacksonville. Where Florida Begins.

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Jacksonville at the Beach

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Jacksonville Top 10

Jacksonville Top 10

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the scoop

Tue, 17 Aug 2010

Jacksonville Heats Up with NFL Football
You can almost hear the roar of the crowd and feel the heat of the grills.  NFL football finally comes to Jacksonville this

Tue, 27 Jul 2010

Catch-up with the Jacksonville Jaguars
Finally, football season is here!  The Jacksonville Jaguars reported to training camp, officially kicking off the 2010

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Because of its North Florida location, Jacksonville has a temperate climate and a delightful change of seasons not found in other Florida cities. Year-round sunshine and blue skies offer mild weather, making a visit to Jacksonville pleasant, whatever the season.


Jacksonville, Florida